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Retirement Options: ARF - Approved Retirement Fund

An Approved Retirement Fund (ARF) is a post-retirement pension structure that allows you to manage your pension investments in retirement. Income may be drawn from your ARF as a replacement for your earned income when you retire.

At the point of retirement you will have a number of options regarding your private pension. Often this is framed as a simple choice between investing in an ARF or purchasing an annuity which provides an income for life.


In reality there is a lot more to consider particularly as the choices you make at the time of retirement are for the most part irreversible. 

Key advantages - ARF

  • Broad investment choice

  • Flexibility in income drawn

  • Flexibility in retirement age

  • Ability to manage risk

What is my next step?

Making the right choices at retirement

The decisions you make at retirement will impact your future financial well-being. When deciding how best to structure your pension benefits, careful consideration should be given to your broader circumstances.


For example; do you have outstanding loans you may wish to clear such as a mortgage? Will you continue to have earned income post retirement? Is this the right time to retire your pension, have you flexibility? Do you have other pension benefits from previous employment? What level of state pension are you eligible for? Are you in a position to make a further contribution to your pension pre-retirement? 


Your circumstances are unique. Through asking the right questions and putting in place the right pension plan, we are here to help you optimise your retirement planning. 


Considerations at retirement: 

  • Income in retirement

  • Health and family circumstances 

  • Maximising available reliefs

  • Taking tax free cash

  • Post retirement investment strategy

  • Managing drawdown

  • Sequencing of returns

  • Preserving wealth

  • Inheritance planning 

Any decision you make at this time can have far-reaching implications on the quality of your retirement. 

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