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Managing my own pension – what you need to know

We occasionally meet new clients who want to manage their own pension. This could be for a broad range of reasons ranging from the client being an investment professional to someone who wants to make a very particular investment. Whatever your reason for wanting to run your own pension, you will most likely benefit from having a particular type of structure and being aware of some hard facts. Before going any further, I feel obliged to caveat this post by saying that unless you have particular experience or professional training, running your own pension or indeed investment affairs is generally a poor idea. Over the years we have met many people who have seen their wealth decimated by poor

Why Financial Advice works

I’m going to do something here that I generally try to avoid; in fact most people particularly in Ireland tend to try to avoid this, but... allow me to indulge here for a minute and tell you how great I am. Well not so much me personally, but we, the advice community. Let me back this up with a little evidence. Attached you will find two Canadian reports on the value of financial advice. We often cite the CARANO report, a robust econometric study which you may or may not enjoy leafing through of an evening; regardless this is one of the reports attached. If you’re not inclined to read further, perhaps let me give you just one figure and the reasons why (evidence based) financial advice works

Investment 101 – How should I invest my lump sum?

7 principles that will keep you on the straight and narrow How should I invest my lump sum? Stick it on deposit in the bank? Invest it with the post office? Open an account with a stock broker and buy some shares? Find some interesting start ups to invest in? Perhaps you should try and identify the latest thing, maybe wind energy or solar farms on the continent? Buy gold? Buy an investment property? Or perhaps stick it all on number 7 at the 1.30 in Leopardstown? Whether you saved the money, inherited it, s old a property is of less relevance now then how you proceed. So what should you do? We think you should start with a few basic principles: Diversify – Don’t put all your eggs in one bask

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