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Options at retirement: The State Pension

Over the course of your working life you have accumulated an entitlement to claim the State Contributory Pension. The level of benefit you can claim is dependent on the number of years  worked. This benefit is based on contributions made over your working life therefore is earned and not means tested. With full service, the maximum value of this benefit is €253.30 per week. 


When can you claim the benefit?

In order to claim the state pension you must have reached the age of 66.


The importance of this benefit. 

Your State pension is one of the three cornerstones of retirement income. The other two being private pension provision and income derived from other sources such as investments or savings. Whilst on a stand alone basis the value may seem modest, for most people, when combined with other income sources it provides a strong and stable pillar in your retirement income mix.


How to claim your State contributory pension

For information on how to claim your State Contributory Pension click on

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