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Your leaving service options:

  • Retaining your benefits where they are

  • Transfer the value into a new pension in your own name

  • Transfer to a pension in a new employment

On leaving an employment, you will receive Leaving Service Options relating to your existing pension. This form allows you choose what to do with your existing pension benefits.


The best option for you will depend on your personal circumstances and those of the existing scheme. 

It is generally preferable to separate your benefits from your previous employment as this will give you superior choice in how your pension is managed.


For example you will gain control over your investment options, when you retire and who administers your pension scheme. It will also ensure you will not have to contact your old employer again about your pension in the future for example upon retirement. 


Conversely, on occasion it will be preferable to leave your pension where it is as the scheme may offer certain benefits that can not be replicated with a modern pension structure. 


Particularly consideration is required where existing benefits are held in a Defined Benefit (DB) scheme or where your previous employer is ceasing operation.

Pensions are complex rules based investment vehicles. We have a very experienced senior advisory team ready to assist you in optimising your pension planning.

Thank you, we'll be in touch shortly.

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