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Can you buy property with your pension?

This tends to be of particular interest to people who are keen property investors and would like to free up money for further acquisitions. Accessing accumulated pension assets to invest in this manner may provide ready access to cash with which to make a purchase. When properly managed, property can also provide the type of fixed return which is increasingly hard to find from conventional pension investments. Donal Milmo-Penny discusses purchasing property through a pension. It is possible to buy property directly with a pension where pension assets are transferred into a self directed pension scheme. Self directed schemes are by their nature very efficient, transparent and flexible. Not on

Moved job? What about your pension?

Have you moved to a new job? If so, have you considered what happens your existing pension? Most people don't make this a priority, yet your pension will account for a considerable portion of your wealth at retirement. For the majority of our clients, doing nothing is the worst option. Financial adviser Donal Milmo-Penny discusses your options: If you're unsure of your pension benefits from a previous employment, or would like to find a lost pension, visit To learn more about your leaving service options, click here

8 simple rules for making the most of your pension

With complicated structures and tax treatments, pension planning can seem daunting, however the trick to getting the most benefit from these tax free savings/investment plans is to follow these rules: Contribute often – The most powerful thing you can do to build a sizeable pension pot is to contribute to it regularly. Sounds simple, it is, but this is the single most important thing you can do. Contribute heavily – By contributing as much as you are allowed or failing that as much as you can afford from now to retirement, not only will you gain maximum advantage from the generous tax relief available but more importantly you will end up with a considerably larger final fund. Contribute earl

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